Want to sell your home sell faster, and for a better price?

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I can.

Don’t let your home sit on the market.  Don’t wait until you have to drop the price.  One drop in price is likely to exceed the cost of staging.  You could have saved money and you could have had the home sold already.

I can stage my own home.

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Most people believe this.  But hop on zillow and look at the homes.  Some look great, but for many, not so much.  Which ones do you think will sell first?  Do you want your home to look mediocre?  There is a reason why people call the pros.

A properly staged home must

  • Broaden appeal to as many buyers as possible.
  • Inspire the buyers imagination, so they see themselves, not you, in their home.
  • Evoke emotion in the buyer by selling a lifestyle.

This is what I do every time.  And they get offers quick.